Cheat Meals and Rest Days

I used to think both of these things were overrated.  This past month has completely changed my mind about that.  I used to think that if I could stick to eating healthy every meal of every day and not take more than one rest day per week that made me more successful with my journey towards health.  I thought there was no way, if I did these things, I couldn’t get in shape and subsequently lose weight.  Then I hit a month long plateau and got incredibly frustrated.  By no real conscious choice my diet and routine changed.  I still stuck to eating healthy the majority of the time but this time the indulgences of Easter Candy and the occasional cheat meal worked their way in.  Then paper writing and exams started to take up my time and I wasn’t in the gym every single day.  What I learned through both of these experiences is to listen to my body.  If it needs chocolate, give it chocolate (in moderation), if it needs a rest day give it a rest day even if it wasn’t on your schedule, and if you want a cheat meal once a week… or even a cheat day… go for it!  I did all of these things and in the last two weeks BOOM 5lbs down! I beat my plateau!

These things are seriously important but most importantly, learn to listen to your body!

Rest Days

Ok so you know the whole debate about whether or not rest days are necessary?  I was never really sure what to believe because when I was in organized sports I was always on like 3 teams playing 2 sports at a time and rest days just didn’t happen.  When I started working out again I thought why not just go back to every day because that’s all I knew.  About a month into it I just stopped seeing progress, especially with my running.  So now I’ve been off for about a week and a half because I’ve been soooo busy.  Today I went back to working out.  Before I rested I couldn’t match my mile time anymore much less beat it but today I matched it and I felt like I could have kept going.  Today was the best workout I’ve had in quite some time so in my opinion there is definitely something to be said for rest days!