These 7th or 8th grade looking girls have ben walking up and down the sidewalk and in and out of the smoothie place for the past hour all loud and obnoxious. Two of them are wearing embarrassingly tiny short shorts and mini skirts with off the shoulder shirts and snapbacks. The third was wearing a…

This^ having preteen/teen cousins and nieces I have seen this happen between them myself. It saddens me a lot.  I know my middle school years weren’t the best but I honestly don’t remember girls being this cruel to one another.  Some of my cousins are 13 and 14 and they will not be seen without their hair and makeup done.  One of them isn’t allowed to hang out with the others anymore because she’s only 11 and they pressure her to do inappropriate things for her age.  Some of the things the 13 and 14 year old wear are things I wouldn’t even wear because they are so tight and revealing.  The thing is, they are so young that I can’t really expect they would know any better.  They have to be taught self respect by example and discipline.    

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