Day 7

  • Went for my Sunday coffee at Collectivo and found out that they now have flourless cookies
  • Got my resume all cleaned up
  • Wrote a cover letter with my man’s help
  • Went to Church

Day 8

  • Slept in a little bit
  • Got an e-mail about a possible job/school combination
  • It’s a short week because of Easter
  • Got to walk the golf course with my brother as he played (it was actually great exercise)
  • It’s thunder storming for the first time and I love snuggling in when that happens!
  • I got to see my family and spend time with my love all day
  • Made a delicious smoothie for breakfast
  • The weather is even more beautiful than it has been
  • I ran an 11:12 minute mile yesterday which was really great for me (I started at 15 minutes) and I’m still so happy about that!
  • Today is a rest day :)
  • I’m the good kind of sore all over because I’ve been pushing myself in my workouts this week and it feels great!
  • My stomach is looking great outside and feeling great inside
  • I love fruit 
  • I’m excited to make my banana “ice cream” tonight
  • My roommate and I have really become good friends over this past year and I think we’ll stay in touch after graduation
  • It’s kind of a rainy day which gives me an excuse to burn candles :)
  1. Got accepted into my summer class
  2. Everything is coming together for the bridal shower I’m planning
  3. My phone is working again
  4. The omelet I made for breakfast turned out perfectly
  5. Already got my workout in
  6. Going to dinner with my love tonight :) 


 I’m looking for blogs that:

  • are a fitblr/healthblr/weight loss blog that isn’t pro ed
  • that posts personal stuff and
  • that doesn’t post thinspo.

If you fit the criteria then reblog and I’ll follow the shit outta you.

I’m trying to work on being more positive so I’m going to challenge myself to write down all of the good things in my day.  It’s 10a.m. here and this is why it’s been a good day for me so far:

  1. It’s so nice out that I opened the windows in the apartment
  2. All of my homework is done so I’m not stressed
  3. I pushed through the “100 Workout” for the first time in months despite a sore shoulder
  4. I’m in love
  5. Fruit
  6. My stomach is pretty happy with me!

So I’ve been getting a little frustrated because I seem to keep putting every ounce I lose back on despite sticking strictly to clean eating and eating the roughly 1400 calories recommended for me by the “LoseIt” app.  I’ve previously stated how much I was a fan of this app because it makes you conscious of what and how much I am eating.  The thing is, wasn’t loosing weight so I decided to do some research on how I could change things up and get past this apparent plateau.  I started with a few different BMI calculators and interestingly enough each of them told me I should be eating just over 1900 calories per day in order to lose weight.  I feel stupid but at the same time enlightened.  I have always emphasized not under-eating to lose weight and here I was doing it to myself unknowingly.  Long story short, tomorrow I will begin eating the roughly 1900 calories I am supposed to be eating. I will continue to use the “LoseIt” app just to keep track of those calories and help me to be mindful.  I’m also going to try eating small meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals!  Hopefully this in combination with workouts will help me to get in the shape I’m wanting to be in!  I’m just going to stay positive and this will happen for me!

What happens when you get serious with a former cross country runner and you’re terrible at running? He wants to teach you, that’s what.  So this week we have started running.  I wish I could say I’m loving it but the first couple days have been a serious challenge for me.  I let my past with running get in my own way and I recognize that so starting today I’m just going to think positively and see where that gets me.  On the up side there are other things to do at the gym like lift and I LOOOVVVE lifting.  It’s something I had to do in high school for sports and I just fell in love with it.  I’m a little sad that I missed the opportunity to be using the gym here at school for the past couple years (stupid social anxiety) but I’m excited to be back to it!  I’m glad he’s pushing me to improve because I needed the jump start right now.  Every day is a new day and a chance to improve and that’s what I’m going to do.  I am very determined this time!

I’m also very proud of myself because I realized yesterday that I have been eating clean consistently for two months.  Of course there have been some off days but that’s to be expected with anything.  I think it’s really helping that I started eating clean first and am now getting in to working out because if I had started it all at the same time I would have gotten overwhelmed and discouraged!

I’ve had too much wine, if it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t be writing this at all.  I’m half way to an all nighter and not because I had school work to do but because I’m done with school work and I felt like celebrating.  I opened a bottle of wine and couldn’t recork it so I decided to just drink it all… I’m on my last glass which will be accompanied by french fries and Sex and The City because I’m having an SSB (secret single behavior) night.  My love left for home this afternoon for spring break and even though I wouldn’t be with him right now if he was here, I miss him.  I miss knowing he’s right around the corner and this is going to be a long couple of days before I see him again.  He just makes me so happy and I’ve done nothing but brag about him to my poor roommate all night.  I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have found him so early in my life and I love every minute of every day I get to spend with him.  

On another note, I wish my spring break included some beach somewhere but alas the closest thing to an escape from eternal winter will come in the form of another northern state which is only about 5 degrees warmer than this one :(  I miss California for it’s weather and my friends right now but I know I’m meant to be back here, it’s just where I belong.  So for now, I’ll have to settle for tropical colored toe nails, bone chillingly cold sunny days, and warm fuzzy sweaters.