It’s finally here. I wish I were more excited but really I’m just anxious because none of my friends are in my college.  I’m at least happy that my family and best friend will be there!  Here goes nothing! Also it’s way to early in the day for this

My Week

This week has been great so far.  I will have gone to the gym 6/7 days after tomorrow which I’m proud of myself for.  I had to change my rest days to Sundays because the gym is apparently going to be closed on Sundays all summer -_-  I also started back into lifting which I just love so much.  The weight lifting half of the gym still makes me a little nervous because all of the beefy men and so I rush around too much so I need to get past that but at least the squat rack still feels like home!  This weekend will be filled with food, family, and fun in celebration of my graduation and that’s exciting too!

Even better news, I had a phone interview this morning and I got called in for a second interview on Tuesday so I have to prep for that! Big things are happening!

The gym went so much better today and I could not be happier! My exam is tomorrow and then I’m taking my Mom to dinner for and early Mother’s Day so I think tomorrow will be a rest day as my legs will be needing it!

Another day of gym, food, and studying today.  I’m hoping the gym goes better today because the last few days have been quite a struggle and I can’t quite figure out why.  I did injure my toe but I’m trying to push through so we’ll see how it goes today!

Apple, turkey, cranberry, and walnut salad with lemon vinegarette for lunch today! Eating on my mat because I like the floor today

Apple, turkey, cranberry, and walnut salad with lemon vinegarette for lunch today! Eating on my mat because I like the floor today

this is always such a weird time of year for me.  suddenly i get all of this free time back and i don’t know what to do with it! i played around with some yoga which i haven’t done in a while because i’ve been all about the serious practice lately.  i did so many hip openers, they’re my favorite! now i’m sitting on my mat listening to music.  i’m trying to make an effort not to watch so much tv because i think there are so many more valuable things i could do with that time.  i think i might read! you know a book of my choice that i’m not required to read?! the weather here is unfortunately still too crappy for outdoor activity.  tonight i’m taking r out to dinner because he’s been so supportive this week!

Happy Feels

By this afternoon I will have completed the last of my papers for my undergrad.  This has been a week filled with 43 total pages of paper writing so I’m sorry for not being so present here!  Next week I have only one exam and then I will be done with undergrad! Unbelievable! I will be continuing my education but graduating is still very exciting!  Now I’m going to have coffee with someone who may be able to help me pay for grad school :)  Happy Friday!

To those of you who liked my post about Tumblr friends and are now following me… Hi! Welcome to my blog! I don’t want to be annoying so I’ll just say that if your really do want to be friends just message me! I promise I won’t bite!  I’m writing a paper right now so distractions are welcome!

Positivity Days #7 & #8

Day 7

  • Went for my Sunday coffee at Collectivo and found out that they now have flourless cookies
  • Got my resume all cleaned up
  • Wrote a cover letter with my man’s help
  • Went to Church

Day 8

  • Slept in a little bit
  • Got an e-mail about a possible job/school combination
  • It’s a short week because of Easter

Positivity Day #6

  • Got to walk the golf course with my brother as he played (it was actually great exercise)
  • It’s thunder storming for the first time and I love snuggling in when that happens!
  • I got to see my family and spend time with my love all day