Cafe Benelux, located in my favorite part of Milwaukee, the Third Ward, is a great restaurant.  It’s fairly new, very trendy, and all over amazing.  They have a gluten free menu which is fairly large, amazing coffee, and a great atmosphere.  I really can’t say enough here.  The waitress was also very knowledgable about what it took to make the meal gluten free so it was really nice not to have to explain multiple times or be worried that my food would be contaminated.  The coffee selection includes everything from black to chai latte, and everything in between.  I was very pleased with everything.  A 10/10 over all!

So last week my mom found some new gluten free bread at the store and we got pretty excited about it because it was on the shelf instead of in the refrigerator/freezer section of the grocery store.  She originally bought the whole grain version of Goodbye Gluten and I loved it!  It had a great nutty flavor, not gross at all in my opinion, and it was much more dense/moist than other brands I’ve had.  When I went grocery shopping for myself I picked up a loaf of the white bread version of Goodbye Gluten.  I have to say I’m not a huge fan of it.  It has a taste of it’s own (not in the best way) and is almost too dense/moist.  Toasting it is a challenge to say the least.  Overall, I give the whole grain a 10/10 but the white a 6/10.  The brand itself gets bonus points for not having to be in the fridge/freezer though!

A lot of people believe that eating gluten free has to be expensive but it doesn’t.  What makes it expensive are the gluten free substitutes for bread, pretzels, flour, etc.  But if you keep the purchase of those things to a minimum and eat naturally gluten free, the prices go down.  Admittedly I’m a sucker for peanut butter toast and pretzels every so often, but if you keep those things as a special treat (like they should be anyways) you and your wallet will feel a little better!

-PSA from a poor gluten free college student

Why am I just finding this now?! Soooo many great recipes for anything and everything gluten free.  They’re even divided by meal or season which I love.  Check it out!

I never realized how versatile corn tortillas can be until I was diagnosed.  Making myself a mini pizza with corn tortilla crust for dinner right now… Most of my meals are centered around corn tortillas