• I’m the good kind of sore all over because I’ve been pushing myself in my workouts this week and it feels great!
  • My stomach is looking great outside and feeling great inside
  • I love fruit 
  • I’m excited to make my banana “ice cream” tonight
  • My roommate and I have really become good friends over this past year and I think we’ll stay in touch after graduation
  • It’s kind of a rainy day which gives me an excuse to burn candles :)

So I want to try this and see where it goes.  I personally tend to get bored with workouts so I try to think of unconventional ways to just keep moving.  I was thinking, what if we start a list of our favorites and pass it on?  So add your favorite unconventional workout and then REBLOG!!!

Blasting music and dancing like crazy in the shower


 I’m looking for blogs that:

  • are a fitblr/healthblr/weight loss blog that isn’t pro ed
  • that posts personal stuff and
  • that doesn’t post thinspo.

If you fit the criteria then reblog and I’ll follow the shit outta you.