My Week

This week has been great so far.  I will have gone to the gym 6/7 days after tomorrow which I’m proud of myself for.  I had to change my rest days to Sundays because the gym is apparently going to be closed on Sundays all summer -_-  I also started back into lifting which I just love so much.  The weight lifting half of the gym still makes me a little nervous because all of the beefy men and so I rush around too much so I need to get past that but at least the squat rack still feels like home!  This weekend will be filled with food, family, and fun in celebration of my graduation and that’s exciting too!

Even better news, I had a phone interview this morning and I got called in for a second interview on Tuesday so I have to prep for that! Big things are happening!

Forgot to mention that I got my final grades back and they were all great! My best semester yet in fact.  To me that just proves that if you make health a priority you can do both!

I’m a little sore this morning and that makes me happy.  About to head to the gym again for cardio and upper body work! Still slightly annoyed by the strange summer gym hours here but oh well.  

I’m Back!

I was away for a wedding this weekend and yesterday I was busy catching up but now I’m back!  I had a great time with my man and his family this weekend and now I have a week off until graduation! 

I was excited to get back to the gym today but I’m slightly annoyed that their summer hours are 11a.m. to 8p.m. because I prefer to work out early in the morning.  Anyways… I did a good 30 minutes on the elliptical and then leg day.  I haven’t actually lifted in years despite my love for it so I was thrilled that I conquered my fear of the gym “bros” and crossed over to the weight section of the gym.  It felt so natural to be back at it and I was so happy as I was leaving.  Tomorrow is arm day and that should be good too!   

Cheat Meals and Rest Days

I used to think both of these things were overrated.  This past month has completely changed my mind about that.  I used to think that if I could stick to eating healthy every meal of every day and not take more than one rest day per week that made me more successful with my journey towards health.  I thought there was no way, if I did these things, I couldn’t get in shape and subsequently lose weight.  Then I hit a month long plateau and got incredibly frustrated.  By no real conscious choice my diet and routine changed.  I still stuck to eating healthy the majority of the time but this time the indulgences of Easter Candy and the occasional cheat meal worked their way in.  Then paper writing and exams started to take up my time and I wasn’t in the gym every single day.  What I learned through both of these experiences is to listen to my body.  If it needs chocolate, give it chocolate (in moderation), if it needs a rest day give it a rest day even if it wasn’t on your schedule, and if you want a cheat meal once a week… or even a cheat day… go for it!  I did all of these things and in the last two weeks BOOM 5lbs down! I beat my plateau!

These things are seriously important but most importantly, learn to listen to your body!


If you don’t have time, make the time. There should be no excuse.