So for Lent I have given up Starbucks and at 1pm I’m already struggling. I do it every year but it never gets easier. I’m also going to commit to doing yoga every day which will also be a challenge but I’ll do it. It’s also midterms week so I haven’t been posting much but I’ll be back!

Wake up with the sun


Healthy Breakfast



Healthy Lunch




I’m proud that I’ve stuck to getting up early and doing yoga but this weekend will be a bit of a challenge because I have a lot of appointments and people staying at the apartment.  Challenge accepted! 

I’m currently sitting in the kitchen floor babysitting the dishwasher because it went on the fritz yesterday and tried to throw an impromptu foam party. My life is so exciting


I need motivation from people who have to struggle with the workload and still find time to be motivated. Will check out all of you.

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I’m a 21 (almost 22) year old woman in my final year of college and for some reason my professors still don’t think I’m qualified to decide when I’m too sick to attend class. So, today I got up and sniffled/shivered my way through 4 classes. The professors don’t care if you’re learning or even awake, so long as your body is in the chair you can pass for the day. Do you want to know why we all get sick? Because you force us to attend class and spread our germs. What does this accomplish?! And can someone please tell me why in high school I was qualified to decide when I was too sick to attend an entire day of school but as a senior in college with a 3.5 GPA I’m not qualified to decide that I’m too sick to attend one class?!

these past few days have been stressful ones for me and my IBS just doesn’t do stress.  so, in an effort to focus on the positives and hopefully get some sleep tonight, I’m going to list the high points of my day and what I’m excited for tomorrow!

  1. I went for a run in the neighborhood with my mom this morning and I didn’t get winded at all
  2. While running errands I found out that there’re not one but two new Starbucks being built in my area
  3. My boyfriend has been trying to help me in every way possible and even (jokingly) said he was going to hire a “feng shui guy” to arrange the furniture in my new apartment for me to help lessen my stress
  4. My friend volunteered to help me move and so did my mom so I don’t have to do it on my own anymore!
  5. Boyfriend and I had a long talk last night during which he declared that we’ll be married within three years (yes I know that’s still a long time but that doesn’t keep me from girl-ing out about it!)


Because at school I eat when I’m hungry and I eat the right amount to give me the energy I need for the day.

At home, I eat out of boredom, annoyance, stress, because I’m tired, because something caught my eye, and because my mom made dinner and heaped my plate and I was raised to eat every bite or not leave the table.

I think this last point is a key issue when it comes to the relationship we have with food in this country.  How many of us heard, “you can’t leave the table until you eat every bite” or, “eat everything on your plate, don’t waste food” or even, “eat every bite because there are children starving in Africa”?  I know I heard all variations of this.  The problem is, we are taught as very young children to ignore what our bodies are telling us about food and hunger.  We are born with an instinct about when to eat and when we are full.  Babies cry when they’re hungry and stop eating when they’re full.  Then suddenly, when we learn language, we are no longer trusted to know when we are hungry or full and made to eat everything we’re given, hungry or not, “or else.”  Does anyone else see the problem here? This is why, I believe, so many of us have to re-learn how to properly feed our bodies, something that should really just be a natural instinct. 

My schedule this semester is not going to help my already messed up sleep schedule at all but I think it’s going to do wonders for my yoga practice.  I realize that if I’m going to complete 19 credits and 60 hours of teaching successfully this semester I’m going to need yoga to stay sane.