"what’s gluten?"

"why don’t you get a burrito?"

"are you on a diet?"

"why can’t you eat *insert food with wheat in it*?"

"what’s celiac? what does that mean?"

"so, it’s a wheat allergy, right?"

"so, you can’t eat bread?"

"your life must suck"

"what do you even eat???"

*whenever anyone attempts to argue with me about certain aspects of celiac*



Parents refusing to accept the fact that I simply cannot intake anything with gluten because it’s not just an allergy, it’s an autoimmune disease
My body literally attacks itself when I eat that shit, it’s not about cutting down on gluten, it’s about staying away from it…

When you have one food option in the house and everyone else has a thousand but they still choose to eat your one thing. Going to bed hungry…

I went to a greasy diner with my family for breakfast after church.  I’m much better about not pouting when I know I won’t really able to eat somewhere but today my parents grew a conscience and decided they felt bad that I was sitting there watching them eat so they told the waitress I’d have the “fresh fruit bowl” on the menu.  The “FRESH fruit bowl” arrived at the table and it was a bowl full of CANNED peaches in all their sugary syrupy glory.  I sent it back immediately because (1) I wasn’t about to pay $4.50 for an 88 cent can of fruit (2) I don’t eat canned fruit because why would I when I can have the fresher healthier option and (3) I had no idea if canned fruit was gluten free and I didn’t have my phone on me.  Anyways, I was annoyed with how the waitress reacted to my questions and her subsequent attempt to serve me “fresh fruit.”

Also, I apologize in advance if this blog gets boring as far a gluten free options are concerned but I’ve decided to eat only naturally gluten free in order to eat cleaner.  That means no more gluten free substitutes like bread and cookies because I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the gluten free options are much higher in calories and much smaller in serving size (this is what bothers me so much when it comes to people who are gluten free for weight loss… all I have to say is good luck with that) If anyone has some naturally gluten free recipes for me to try I’d appreciate it!  Love 

of my life right now. I want desperately to run away, travel the world, and live life.  And then I’m reminded that even that would be hard for me because of celiac.  While I’m on the topic, I AM SO SICK OF THE “GLUTEN FREE” TAG BEING CONTAMINATED WITH GLUTEN FREE FAD DIETERS AND VEGAN RECIPES THAT AREN’T GLUTEN FREE AT ALL!!! Why can’t you just stop torturing me? I don’t care if you’re having a hard time on “Day 5” of your gluten free diet! Trying being on year two of celiac! Also, quit getting me all excited about delicious looking stuffed french toast etc. only to have me scroll to the bottom to find out they’re not gluten free! but they’re vegan! so it’s okay right?! GAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

End Rant (Sorry I’m just really over tired and frustrated and midterms and boys and ya you get the point)

Vegan ≠ Gluten Free

Vegetarian ≠ Gluten Free

Rice is, in most cases, gluten free.

So are potatoes, 

And vegetables,

And fruit.

This is not a fad diet for most people.

It might be an invisible disease but that doesn’t make it any less horrible. 

It’s not a joke.

I will be polite about it to a point and then I have to protect myself.