a lot of bullion contains some form of gluten. It can be really hard to avoid, but there’s a great thing called Better Than Bullion! It’s essentially a small jar of bullion paste, and it comes in a pretty wide variety! They also have organic, vegetarian, kosher, and low sodium varieties! They…

Good to know

I have become a much better cook which is so exciting! Last night I made mexican chicken, home made refried beans, and spanish rice for dinner and it was sooo good!


"what’s gluten?"

"why don’t you get a burrito?"

"are you on a diet?"

"why can’t you eat *insert food with wheat in it*?"

"what’s celiac? what does that mean?"

"so, it’s a wheat allergy, right?"

"so, you can’t eat bread?"

"your life must suck"

"what do you even eat???"

*whenever anyone attempts to argue with me about certain aspects of celiac*



None listed in my town, but someone out there might find this useful.








for me it’s been 21.5 years. 

It’ll be a year this August for me.

About 3-4 years for me. It was a few months after my 21st birthday. Sooooo, 3?

3 years in June!

3 years in May!

About 2 years!!

4 years

Exactly 2 years!

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