So I have decided to ditch this blog for oh so many reasons but whatever.  I made a new blog and so you should head over there if you want to stay in touch! (I would love to!)  All will be explained there.  It will be similar to this one so you’ll probably like it (I hope).  So here it is!  I’ll follow you back i promise!



It’s finally here. I wish I were more excited but really I’m just anxious because none of my friends are in my college.  I’m at least happy that my family and best friend will be there!  Here goes nothing! Also it’s way to early in the day for this

My Week

This week has been great so far.  I will have gone to the gym 6/7 days after tomorrow which I’m proud of myself for.  I had to change my rest days to Sundays because the gym is apparently going to be closed on Sundays all summer -_-  I also started back into lifting which I just love so much.  The weight lifting half of the gym still makes me a little nervous because all of the beefy men and so I rush around too much so I need to get past that but at least the squat rack still feels like home!  This weekend will be filled with food, family, and fun in celebration of my graduation and that’s exciting too!

Even better news, I had a phone interview this morning and I got called in for a second interview on Tuesday so I have to prep for that! Big things are happening!